Hayley Woon

Visual Communications blog. Studied at the Arts University Bournemouth.

I came across these adverts for men’s trousers a while back now. This is not my work, I couldn’t find the designer/s of these posters but just relly love how they are designed. The type is of all sizes and fonts and works for the designs because it encourages the audience to look closer to see what is said. They have used mainly ‘manly’ fonts and words to emphasise the fact the trouser are masculine and are cool for men to wear. The handmade type brings you in to focus on the trousers as they aren’t typography based but are in full image and colour. I like the different textured backgrounds as it gives a textured, handmade feel to type and makes each ad design look unique. I think the designs are really creative and get the message and product across well.    

  • 19 March 2012
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